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GearCam BV

You are currently visiting a website owned and maintained by GearCam. GearCam is synonym for the distribution of audio visual and cinematographic products in Europe.

​Based on experience with the distribution of well-known brands GearCam’s promise is to deliver products in a consequent and accurate way to its partners. Terms and conditions are solid and transparent.


GearCam delivers off the shelf to a selective number of dealers, in an effective and efficient way.

Product availability and after sales service is key to GearCam’s business model. As manufacturers take a step back in their distribution and service strategy, a partnership between well-established, trustworthy parties is gaining interest and awareness in the audio visual and cinematographic world.


With that in mind, GearCam was established and is gradually gaining a wider range of possibilities and brands for European partners. We can also be of assistance to you.


So don't wait any longer, establish an account and make use of our web portal for efficient ordering and delivery. We're looking forward to being partners with you and building a long-lasting relationship!

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Shanghai Moki Tech LLC


Shanghai Moki Tech LLC, established in 2018, is a manufacturer of prime optic lenses. The company has its own lens research department and aims at high quality lenses for  filmmakers and video producers in the cinematographic industry.

This Chinese company has its headquarters in Shanghai, part of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. This area is known for its outstanding innovative character, research development and advanced transport infrastructure.

Spirit Lab is one of the brands of Shanghai Moki Tech and a successful one at that. It has a research partnership with Kinoshita Optical Research Institute, a Japanese manufacturer of optical instruments.

Shanghai Moki Tech aims to become the best of the best in the world of lenses in the cinematographic industry. With the launch of The Spirit Lab Prime series Shanghai Moki Tech has taken the first step towards this goal.

The company believes that with the joint efforts of their Spirit Lab team their lenses will brighten a more predictable future.

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